Machine Learning Competitions

For those of you interested in testing your machine learning skills, you may want to check out Kaggle. Kaggle is a new web host for free-to-enter, online machine learning competitions. Kaggle claims to offer two types of competitions: predicting the future and predicting the past. In order to take part in a particular competition, all you need to do is register for an account and follow the relevant competition instructions. Kaggle is currently hosting two competitions: (1) prediction of HIV progression, and (2) prediction of Eurovision song voting (!). The prizes offered for the HIV and Eurosong competitions are $500 USD and $1000 USD respectively; not in the same league as Netflix, but who does this stuff for the prize money anyway? There are certainly easier ways to earn $1000 USD.

I’ve just registered for an account and will definitely partake in at least one of the competitions. The name of our team is statovic . Keep an eye out for us on the Kaggle leaderboard!

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