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First post!

My name is Dr Enes Makalic and I am a post-doctorate research fellow at the Centre for MEGA Epidemiology, The University of Melbourne. I was born in Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina, but have lived in Melbourne, Australia since the early 90’s. In 2007, I completed my PhD in Computer Science at Monash University and have since then become interested in information theory and applied statistics research. As such, this blog will primarily focus on machine learning and information theory research topics. In particular, I will cover topics related to the (sometimes misunderstood) Minimum Message Length (MML) principle of statistical inference as well as the more popular Minimum Description Length (MDL) model selection methodology. Occasionally I may also talk about other personal topics, such as computer programming, astronomy and football (soccer).

My contact details and some recent publications can be found by following the About Me and Publications links, respectively. I should also mention that, although I am a research fellow at The University of Melbourne, this blog is in no way affiliated with or approved by the university.

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