Eurovision 2010 Forecast (Part 2)

The Eurovision 2010 competition finished last Saturday with Lena Meyer-Landrut from Germany taking the title for her song “Satellite”. If you missed the show, you can see Lena performing the song at the official Eurovision YouTube channel here. Given the current state of the world economy, this is a pretty good outcome as Germany is one of a few countries left in Europe with enough finances to host next years show. So how did my team, StatoVIC, go in the Kaggle Eurovision 2010 competition? The results have been tabulated and released here. It looks like StatoVIC took seventh place out of 22 submissions with an absolute error of 2626 points calculated from the predicted ratings. This score is in the top quartile of the submissions and about 1000 points better than “Lucky Guess”, the last place submission (I assume this submission is just a random selection of ratings). Not a bad result for StatoVIC, really. Congratulations to Jure Zbontar for winning the competition with an impressive absolute error score of about 400 rating points less than our team.

It’s time for StatoVIC to look at the HIV progression challenge and see if we can do better than seventh place!

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