The blog expands

I’ve started writing a new page for the blog that examines the theory behind various common statistical methods and models. The idea here is to include references and brief descriptions of some of the important and interesting papers on various topics. I also intend to include web links to software implementations whenever possible. The new material can be found by clicking on the “Statistics Theory and Applications” tab above. I am currently working on the linear regression section and the LASSO regularisation method for linear regression.

In other news, the grant writing season has again started. This year, we aim to write one early career researcher ARC grant, and at least one NHMRC grant. The ARC grant will be a two year proposal for work on modern logistic regression techniques. We are in the process of determining which NHMRC grant(s) will be written and which researchers will be involved. I can only hope that this grant season is as successful as last years!

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